Specific Analytes

EMA Inc. offers custom analysis for those pesticides not detected on our GC, LC, GC MS, or LC MSMS pesticide residue screens. The following list of compoundds (as well as many others) are detected using a modified extraction process that is either AOAC approved, EPA approved, or within the FDA PAM Vol. 1 manual. When EMA Inc. receives analytical requests for new pesticides, we attempt to see if these compunds can be detected within a multi-residue screen, to minimize your testing costs.

  Analyte RL*
  2,4,6 Trichlorophenol 0.01 PPM
  Acequinocyl 0.01 PPM
  Alliette 0.01 PPM
  Aluminum Phosphide 0.03 PPM
  Bromoxynil 0.01 PPM
  Daminozide (Alar) 0.03 PPM
  Ethephon 0.01 PPM
  Ethoxyquin 0.03 PPM
  ETU 0.01 PPM
  Glufosinate 0.02 PPM
  Glyphosate 0.02 PPM
  Metamsodium 0.05 PPM
  Methoprene 0.03 PPM
  Methyl Bromide 0.03 PPM
  MGK-264 0.03 PPM
  Moropholine 0.01 PPM
  Pentachlorophenol 0.03 PPM
  Phonate Sulfone 0.03 PPM
  Phorate Sulfone 0.03 PPM
  Piperonyl Butoxide 0.01 PPM
  Resmethrin 0.02 PPM
  Thiazopyr 0.01 PPM
  Imazamox 0.01 PPM
  Imazapyr 0.01 PPM
  Dimethamid 0.05 PPM
  Hexathiozox 0.01 PPM
  Patulin 0.02 PPM
  Bis Pyribac Sodium 0.01 PPM
  Biomethrin 0.03 PPM
  Chloropicrin 0.01 PPM
  DBCP (Dibromochloropropane) 0.01 PPM

* These Reporting Limits (RL) are Matrix Dependent.