Environmental Services

Custom Designed Analyses for Environmental Services are Standard at EMA

Environmental Micro Analysis specializes in providing customized analysis of pesticides and herbicides to the Environmental Services industry at standard prices.

Newer Pesticides: There are hundreds of pesticides that do not appear on traditional EPA lists. Many newer pesticides such as the synthetic pyrethroids and organonitrogen compounds can be analyzed by standard EPA methods. Routine analysis of these compounds using appropriate EPA methods is a specialty of EMA.

Newer Methods: It is not always possible to find an appropriate EPA method when you analyze for pesticide residues. EMA also uses PAM methods, AOAC Methods, and proprietary methods that we develop and validate in-house.

Lower Detection Limits: While we list our standard method detection limits, it is usually possible to modify the EPA Methods that we use with customized clean-up techniques to achieve lower detection limits than are usually reported. This is particularly valuable in monitoring stormwater and agricultural runoff.

When you are looking for analysis of many of the newer pesticides, look to EMA for solving your analytical problems.