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Tolerance Limits

All websites associated with the following links are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by EMA. The information provided by these websites are only as accurate as they claim, and any information should be validated with the respective company or organization.

MRL Database: (Domestic and International Maximum Residue Limits database) Will allow you to look-up chemical tolerances on commodities for different regions through an interactive user interface.

FDA Import Alerts: Also contains additional information about imports.

Code of Federal Regulations for pesticides (US): Registration is based on evaluation of scientific data and assessment of risks and benefits of a product’s use.

Japanese Provisional Tolerances: Will allow you to look-up Japanese tolerances based on a chemical or food product.

California Dept. of Pesticide Regulations: Provides a vast array of information on the laws and regulations of pesticide use in California.

European Tolerances: Will allow you to look-up European tolerances based on product or pesticide name.